4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Clean and Reduce Shedding

How to Keep Your Dog Clean and Groomed

‍When you own a dog, you know that there’s going to be some mess. Dog hair and dirt are commonplace in homes with furry friends, but that doesn’t mean we have to settle for an unclean living environment.

As much as we love our dogs and want to keep them around all the time, it can get a little overwhelming when they shed. If you find yourself wanting nothing more than for your pup to keep his fur on all the time, here are some tips about how you can help him do just that.

Keeping your dog clean and reducing shedding will also help reduce the amount of dander in your home which could help anyone who is allergic to dogs. Read on for 4 helpful ways you can reduce your dog’s shedding and keep them clean day in and day out!

Brush Your Dog Regularly

Brushing your dog is one of the most basic ways to help reduce shedding. If you’re not already doing this, start as soon as possible! Brushing your dog’s fur will not only help them stay clean and free of excess fur, it will also help them stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It can also help keep their skin healthy and reduce the risk of them getting fleas or other parasites.

You should be brushing your dog’s fur on a weekly basis at least, ideally even more often if you have a breed with long fur. Short-haired breeds can get away with less brushing, but they still need to be brushed regularly to keep their fur free of mats and prevent skin issues. There are a few different types of brushes that you can choose from. The best type of brush for your dog really depends on the type of fur they have.

Keep Them Well-Groomed

Keeping your dog well-groomed is another great way to reduce shedding. If you groom your dog regularly, you will be removing any excess fur, dirt and debris from their coat which will help them stay clean and healthy.

There are a number of different grooming methods that you can use to keep your dog’s coat clean, tidy, and free from excess fur. You could use a shedding brush or you could opt for a different type of grooming method depending on your dog’s breed and fur type.

Groom your dog as often as they need it. If you have a breed with longer fur that tends to get matted easily, you may want to groom them a couple of times a week.

If you have a short-haired breed that doesn’t get as matted, maybe you can groom them once a month or so. Keep in mind that you should always be gentle when grooming your dog and make sure you are being safe and stress-free when doing so.

Use the Right Dog Shampoo

Using the right dog shampoo can go a long way toward reducing shedding. Keeping your dog’s coat clean and healthy will help ensure that it stays flea and tick-free, which will reduce shedding.

A lot of people also swear by using dog shampoos that have moisturizing or anti-itch properties. These shampoos can be especially helpful if your dog suffers from skin issues like allergies or hot spots.

Dog shampoos come in a variety of different types, so it’s important to make sure you are using the right shampoo for your dog’s breed and coat type.
Most dog shampoos are pretty gentle and won’t cause any harm to your dog if you use it regularly. Some dog shampoos are even formulated for puppies, so you can use them on your new pup from the get-go.

Try a De-shedding Tool

A grooming tool that can help you reduce the amount of shedding in your home is a de-shedding tool. These are designed to help reduce the amount of fur that your dog sheds, making it a great option for people with allergies or people who have a lot of dog fur around the house.

A de-shedding tool works by gently removing your dog’s excess fur as you brush them. If you have a breed with a lot of fur, this can be a great option to help keep their coat clean and tidy.

Deshedding tools come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for all dogs. If you have a short-haired breed, a de-shedding tool may not work as well for you as it will on a dog with longer fur.


Dogs are some of the most loving and loyal creatures that exist, but they can also be a little messy. That is why it is important to know how to keep your dog clean and reduce shedding.

Brush your dog’s fur regularly, keep them well-groomed and use the right dog shampoo. If you want to go even further, try a de-shedding tool to help reduce the amount of fur that your pup sheds. With these tips, you and your pup will be ready for any adventure together!


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